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Casino Hours: Sun-Thur 9am-12am and Fri-Sat 9am-2am

Department: Restaurant
Reports To: Food & Beverage Manager (F&B Manager)

Position Summary:
The Cook, under the direction of the F&B Manager, is responsible for performing all duties and responsibilities of a fast paced, highly intensified kitchen/restaurant in a professional manner. This position will require the ability to prioritize and prepare their work in order to prepare for events & daily specials. 

Duties and Responsibilities:
• Will recommend and assist with kitchen menu selections
• Select and order food & supplies accordingly, with supervisor approval
• Cook and prepare food for customers in the highest sanitation manner possible
• Work as a team player to ensure consistency from shift to shift
• Be responsible for the coordination of special refreshments in relation to various casino promotions
• Train other cooks appropriately
• Responsible for allowing only authorized staff in kitchen
• Maintain kitchen cleanliness and sanitation standards according to Indian Health Service/State Regulations
• Wear hairnets and keep hair pulled back according to standards
• Wear clean apron everyday
• Maintain appropriate kitchen logbook regarding items needed & items ordered
• Will prep soups, salads, desserts, bagging items that need bagged and making hamburger patties - this includes all cooks and kitchen staff to work as a team
• Wash hands according to standards & wear gloves when appropriate
• Responsible for using a cash register and related kitchen equipment to serve casino customers
• Work in a professional manner with wholesale suppliers and distributors on behalf of the casino
• Reports directly to Manager on Duty
• Spouse/significant other visits are only allowed in an emergency situation or on break
• Employee may not visit with spouse/significant other while spouse/significant other is playing on the game floor
• Spouse/significant other will wait outside until shift is over
• Employee may not leave building while on duty
• Be responsible for other duties as assigned

• High school graduate or equivalent
• Knowledgeable of all kitchen related equipment & supplies
• Short order cooking and restaurant experience
• Minimum of two years’ experience in related casino employment or hospitality business preferred
• SERVSAFE Certification a plus

• Must obtain and maintain Santee Sioux Nation Gaming License
• Must pass a drug-screening test and be physically and mentally able to work in a casino environment, with employees and the public
• Maintain strict confidentiality on casino business matters
• Work assigned schedules that may include nights, weekends and holidays
• In the event the Casino falls short of staff, you are required to a mandatory six-day work week
• Have understanding of Santee Dakota historical/contemporary history/culture that relates to Ohiya Casino & Resort mission, purpose and employment

Work Environment:
• Performed work will take place in a loud and smoke related environment