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Casino Hours: Sun-Thur 9am-12am and Fri-Sat 9am-2am

Department: Security
Reports To: Director of Security

Position Summary:
This position is highly essential to the operations of the Ohiya Casino & Resort. This includes insuring the security and safety of customers and employees, protecting the casino assets, and having excellent customer service abilities.

Duties & Responsibilities:
• Must have excellent customer service skills
• Watch for and report all safety hazards
• Must pass any certifications required by position
• Responsible for proper reporting and distribution of all incident reports
• In the event of criminal activity will control the scene and detain suspect or suspects
in custody until the proper authorities arrive
• Handle All Medical Emergencies
• Handle and control a general evacuation in the event of a fire, tornado, or other
emergency assisting guests to a designated safe location
• Required to keep all security areas clean and presentable
• Responsible for all other duties that may arise within the course of business hours
as seen fit by the Director of Security
• Must wear proper uniform while on duty

• Have strong oral and written communication skills
• Be able to obtain and maintain a Santee Sioux Nation Gaming License
• This position requires good interpersonal relations skills
• Employee must know and understand confidentiality for casino business
• Work assigned schedules that may include nights, weekends, and holidays
• Pass a drug screening test and adhere to the Ohiya Casino & Resort Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace Policy, take and pass a medical physical to include a TB test
• Have understanding of Santee Sioux Dakota Historical, Contemporary History, and Dakota Culture that relates to the Ohiya Casino & Resorts

Work Environment:
• Performed work will take place in a loud and smoke related environment