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Casino Hours: Sun-Thur 9am-12am and Fri-Sat 9am-2am

Department: Maintenance
Reports To: Maintenance Supervisor

Provides guests/patrons with friendly courteous customer service, which includes providing with beverages, popcorn, ice-cream, and delivery of meals.  Actively promotes a positive image of the Casino to guests/patrons and strives to ensure that guests/patrons are treated in a kind and friendly manner, thereby increasing their likelihood to become repeat customers. 

• Provide guests with prompt courteous service, to include making change, general information and beverage service
• Provide guests with guest services amenities (restaurant, restroom, snack bar)
• Assist key personnel in other duties as requested
• Will maintain confidentiality policies as it relates to business operations and employees
• Will push chairs in
• Will dump ashtrays
• Will wipe ashtrays clean
• Will pick up trash in and around the business
• Will clean, mop and stock bathrooms routinely
• Will clean and maintain popcorn machine and area
• Will clean and maintain beverage machine and area
• Will adhere to all SSN Ohiya Casino & Resort minimum internal control standards
• Responsible for other duties as assigned

• Must have a high school diploma or equivalent or in the process of obtaining a G.E.D.
• Must obtain and maintain Santee Sioux Nation Gaming License.
• Must pass a drug-screening test and be physically and mentally able to work in a casino environment, with employees and the public
• Maintain strict confidentiality on casino business matters
• Work assigned schedules that may include nights, weekends and holidays
• In the event the Casino falls short of staff, you are required to a mandatory six-day work week
• Have understanding of Santee Dakota historical/contemporary history/culture that relates to Ohiya Casino & Resort mission, purpose and employment

Certificates & Licenses:
• Must have a valid driver’s license
• Must have a SSNGC key gaming license

Work Environment:
• Performed work will take place in a loud and smoke related environment